These are my fingerless gloves, made from my own pattern. They fit most adult hands and go about half way up the forearm. The above the elbow gloves go about 2 inches above the elbow.
Most of the gloves are made with an open stitch and softer yarn; to be worn in the summer time.  Others are thicker and warmer for winter wear. 
My latest project was for Ror Schach, which is my brother's music festival he started in Park Rapids, Minnesota.
I crochet Cottlers, which are my version of a Can Coozie. My Cottlers will fit almost all cans and bottles, but it has a handle. I can make them in any color/style, but these ones have the Ror Schach symbol (eye of Ra) crocheted into them.
I have been asked to make them in many different styles; including Vikings, Twins, stripes, etc.