Here are my latest items. A granny square shawl/cloak. It's just supposed to hang over your shoulders, but has arm holes, so you can still move without it slipping off. They are made to fit most sizes.
The stitches are usually large/loose, so it's warm but breathes, at the same time.
These are my fingerless gloves, made from my own pattern. They fit most adult hands and go about half way up the forearm. The above the elbow gloves go about 2 inches above the elbow.
Most of the gloves are made with an open stitch and softer yarn; to be worn in the summer time.  Others are thicker and warmer for winter wear. 
My latest craze is the crocodile stitch, which uses a lot more yarn (and time), but looks soo cute in the end. When made with a variegated yarn, you never know what you're going to get.
I have made this fun kids'  hat and a few belts. Scarves and booties are the most popular for this stitch.
I have also added a few other items recently that I just whipped up while doing my garage sale. I was just trying to use up some yarn I have lying around.