My latest craze is the crocodile stitch, which uses a lot more yarn (and time), but looks soo cute in the end. When made with a variegated yarn, you never know what you're going to get.
I have made this fun kids'  hat and a few belts. Scarves and booties are the most popular for this stitch.
I have also added a few other items recently that I just whipped up while doing my garage sale. I was just trying to use up some yarn I have lying around.  

I had lots of yarn left over from the initial jacket and vests, that I decided to just keep going with the granny squares and such.
I made 2 fat-bottom bags (one in all beige and the other using all the colors from the vests). They have bamboo-like hoop handles and can be matched with either vest.
Then, I also made a granny square purse for the first Granny Square vest and a small clutch type purse with a drawstring (usable with either of the vests).
The hat goes with the Granny Square Jacket and features a wide, ruffly brim.
I think I'm getting close to the end of these colors!